Boating is an enjoyable outdoor activity that seems to get more popular every year. But good times can sometimes end with accidents. Boating accidents raise many issues to complicate your injury claim. Insurance companies are always looking for reasons to deny or devalue your case. Protect your rights with a boating accident lawyer.

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Boating used to be a niche recreational activity, enjoyed by a few boat owners and summer tourists. However, more people are boating year-round. With increased popularity comes an increased probability of an accident. Boating accidents are often a result of:

  1. Drunk drivers – Boating is unlike most driving because it is a leisurely activity. Some boaters feel they can get away with drinking while operating the boat, especially when law enforcement is not as present as it is on the road.
  2. Inexperienced boaters – Many boaters are still learning. While not all novices are careless, they are more at risk for making mistakes that lead to accidents.
  3. Rentals that are poorly maintained – The rental business has a responsibility to ensure their boats are safe. The most careful operator cannot avoid an accident with a poorly maintained boat.

These issues are unfamiliar for many victims of boating accidents. Getting an experienced boating accident lawyer can really help. Sam & Ash know what it takes to make your boating accident claim a success.


Am I supposed to report a boating accident?

Yes. The operator of a boat must submit a written report to the Nevada Department of Wildlife if any death or injury results from an accident within two days of the accident.

What information should I ask from the other boater?

In addition to the name and contact information of the boater, note the name of the boat and the boat registration number. You will submit this information to both the state and to the insurance companies.

Are boating accidents common in Nevada?

Nevada is the most accident-prone state for boaters. Nearly 130 boat crashes result in death, injury, or property damage per 100,000 registered boat owners each year.

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