You deserve answers after an accident, and you shouldn’t count on getting them from the insurance company. Adjusters are hired to protect insurance company profits, not to give you what’s fair. Sam & Ash are your personal injury lawyers and we do What’s Right for you after an accident. Give us a call today and let us help you on your case. Our team is available 24/7 to provide solutions for you.

Pedestrians are especially vulnerable. Not just to injuries from vehicles, but also to mistreatment by the insurance company. Our team takes the extra care needed to make sure injured pedestrians get What's Right.

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Being injured as a pedestrian can leave you wondering where to turn. You probably have a lot of questions, and our lawyers can help you find the answers.

  1. Do I still have a case if I was partly to blame?
  2. What if I was visiting Nevada from out of state?
  3. If the driver was uninsured, can I use my own insurance?
  4. What rights do hit-and-run victims have?

Having helped thousands of pedestrian injury victims with their concerns, we at  Sam & Ash have built our firm on providing our clients with the solutions they need and deserve. We believe in a process that will answer your questions upfront for free. Call us any time to discuss your case at 1 (800) 304-2000.


Can I still pursue a pedestrian injury claim if I was jaywalking?

It’s very possible. Jaywalking may be against the law, but it’s not automatic grounds for denying your injury claim. Using the principle of comparative fault, we may be able to prove the driver who hit you was more responsible for the accident than you were. That can secure you much needed compensation for your treatment.

How can I get compensated if the driver who hit me was uninsured?

A good personal injury lawyer will explore all available avenues for your compensation. That includes your own car insurance. Even if you were not driving at the time of the accident, your optional Uninsured/Underinsured Motorist policy can pay for car accident-related injuries.

I was injured while visiting from out-of-state, where should I hire my lawyer?

You will want to hire a personal injury lawyer in Nevada for several reasons. First, because state law determines how accidents are compensated, only a Nevada-licensed lawyer can help you. Additionally, a Nevada lawyer knows the law better than out-of-state lawyers who partner with Nevada firms or get temporary permission to practice in-state. Additionally, a Nevada lawyer is best positioned to use all local resources to investigate and build your case.

Sam & Ash are a team driven to create solutions for you. Our mission is to ensure you are treated fairly and feel at ease. Don’t work harder and settle for less. Call us for a free case evaluation any time at 1 (800) 304-2000.

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