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Year: 2019

Family Forced to Drag Uncle’s Corpse to Insurance Company to Prove His Death

How low will an insurance company go? One answer comes from a family in South Africa, who was forced to bring their uncle’s dead body to the insurance company in order to collect what they were owed. A video that went viral this week shows Ntombenhle Mhlongo and Thandaza Mtshali…

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A Wrongful Death Claim to Pursue Justice

In October 2019 the children of Celia Luna-Delgado brought a wrongful death claim against her Las Vegas employer, Express Check Cashing. Luna-Delgado was working on January 11, 2018 when she was fatally shot during a robbery. The store did not have working surveillance cameras and did not employ security officers…

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Accident While Working for Grubhub

The flexibility to make money by working for Grubhub, Door Dash, Postmates, or Uber Eats is probably why you picked up a side gig. You know that to deliver with your car it must be insured with the state’s minimum liability requirements. Have you wondered what happens if you are…

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Do Less, Get More. Bicycle Accident Checklist

Nevada can be a dangerous place to ride a bicycle. Some cities do not provide enough space to protect bicyclists on heavily trafficked roads. Many accidents with cars are caused by careless drivers. The sudden shock of a bicycle accident can leave you uncertain about your first steps. Protecting your…

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Assault Claim Without Criminal Charges

If a person puts you in fear of attack, that person assaulted you. An assault can cause you physical injuries and emotional distress. Most people are aware that an assault is a crime. However, it also entitles you to a personal injury claim. Sometimes the police did is not charge…

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Why Is a Motorcycle Accident Claim Different?

You know the road can be harsher for motorcyclists than for other drivers. Unfortunately, so can a motorcycle accident claim. You have the same right to compensation as anybody else. Yet, many issues that are unique to riders can complicate your recovery. Injuries from Motorcycle Accident Claims Are More Severe…

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How is a Tractor-Trailer Accident Claim Different?

A semi-truck or tractor-trailer accident can cause serious injuries. Catastrophic injuries and property damage result when an 80,000-pound tractor-trailer collides with a 2,000-pound car or 4,000-pound SUV. And because the impact of a truck accident is larger than a normal car, a tractor-trailer accident claim is also more complex. How…

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Do I Have a Pedestrian Accident Claim If I Was Hit By a Car?

If you were a pedestrian hit by a car, you have the right to pursue a pedestrian accident claim against the driver. The most important thing you need to focus on is getting the right medical treatment. Your injuries may be more serious than they appear due to the impact…

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Janet Harris v. Dr. Phil

Dr. Phil’s Bad Advice for Dog Bite Injuries Many celebrities are known animal lovers. So it’s no surprise their deep pockets make them excellent parties to sue in dog bite cases. In 2009, television personality Dr. Phil McGraw’s beloved Korean Jindo dog bit his friend, Janet Harris, at his Beverly…

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What Is a Personal Injury Claim?

Personal injury claims are often misunderstood. People imagine pursuing a claim is like getting revenge or settling a personal vendetta. Some injured victims fear going to trial will be an additional trauma. Other people with valid claims aren’t even sure their loss qualifies as “personal injury.” A personal injury claim…

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