The Real Cost of Hiring a Cheap Lawyer

Low-fee injury lawyers don’t just get you less — they do less, which can ruin your case.

When you’re injured in an accident, it can be tempting to go with the lawyer who has the lowest fee you can find. You might think that by reducing legal fees, you’ll save yourself money and get more from your settlement. But this could not be farther from the truth.

The Risks of Choosing a Low-Fee Injury Law Firm

Low-fee lawyers generally spend less time and resources on getting a fair deal for you. Their low fees simply don’t allow for the kind of work and investment that’s necessary to do What’s Right for you and your family. The insurance company keeps track of these lawyers. When they see the name of a low-fee lawyer on your case, they know they can offer less — saving themselves money at your expense.

You could end up with an inexperienced $15/hr non-lawyer handling your case, rushing you through chiropractic care, and taking whatever offer comes first. They’ll settle quickly on an offer that’s likely not what you deserve.


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They don’t have the time, resources, or connections necessary to do more for YOU. They don’t invest enough into your case because they can’t afford to. So when you choose a low-fee lawyer, who’s really fighting for you? In the end, low-fee lawyers save money for the insurance company by putting less in your pocket.

We’re going to tell you something that sounds crazy but is true: When you pay more for an injury lawyer, you don’t pay more for an injury lawyer.

How does that work? You pay nothing upfront, and our fee is a percent of the result you get through your insurance settlement. So, ultimately, the insurance company is paying your lawyer’s fees, not you.

Better law firms have higher fees so they can invest their own money and resources in your case to get YOU more in the end. This happens behind the scenes as your lawyer negotiates your medical bills and makes the insurance company give you what you deserve.

The real risk is hiring a low-fee lawyer. They invest less in you and your case and settle for less than you deserve. They make money. The insurance company saves money. And you lose out.


When you can hire a premium law firm for nothing out of pocket, go with the best and choose Sam & Ash Injury Law. We put our money, resources, and reputation on the line to get you every penny you’re owed. We invest more in your case to put more money in YOUR pocket.


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Author: Sam Mirejovsky

For more than 20 years, Sam Mirejovsky has been helping people who have been hurt due to negligence and wrongdoing. Bringing a client-centered approach to every case, Sam believes that getting the care you need and the justice you deserve is only achieved when you take the time to understand your client and their personal circumstances. This mindset has helped him change the landscape of personal injury law and recover millions of dollars for injured people and their families.