Finding The Right Lawyer if a Car Accident Wasn’t Your Fault

If you have been injured in a car accident that was not your fault, you may be struggling to pay your household expenses. Medical bills may be stacking up. Even if you didn’t cause the crash, the other driver’s insurer may dispute your car accident claim and try to deny you the money you need.

An experienced personal injury attorney can help. But you may have questions about how to afford an attorney when you are struggling financially. At Sam & Ash Injury Law, we don’t charge any upfront legal fees to handle your personal injury case. We handle cases on a contingency arrangement. We only get paid when we deliver a positive result for you. When we are successful, we take a percentage of the amount we recover to pay our legal fees and expenses.

The team at Sam & Ash Injury Law knows how to take on challenging car accident cases. Keep reading to learn more about how our car accident attorneys can help you seek financial recovery for your injuries and losses.

Should You Get a Lawyer for a Car Accident That Wasn’t Your Fault?

We advise anyone injured in a car crash to speak with a personal injury attorney before giving a statement to the insurance company or trying to negotiate a settlement. Insurance companies often offer settlements that are not adequate to cover a crash victim’s accident expenses. An experienced lawyer can negotiate aggressively for you and handle any insurance disputes that arise.

The need for an attorney becomes more important if your injuries are severe. You might know the crash was not your fault and assume you will be offered a fair settlement. However, insurers have many strategies to reduce the value of your claim. They will try to pay the least amount possible to resolve a claim. Without a lawyer’s help, you might be unable to recover enough money to pay your expenses after a crash.

How Can an Attorney Help You Pursue a Car Accident Claim?

Some of the ways an experienced Las Vegas personal injury attorney can help after a car accident that was not your fault include:

  • Investigating the accident – Even if you did not cause the accident, you still need evidence to prove your claim against the driver who was at fault. Gathering evidence to establish liability can be challenging. Your car accident lawyer can investigate the crash and gather evidence to support your claim.
  • Identifying the liable parties – Depending on how the crash occurred, multiple parties could be liable for your injuries. Two or more drivers may have contributed to the accident. If multiple parties share liability for a collision, you must file a claim against each one to demand full compensation. An experienced attorney can identify all those who are potentially liable for a collision and seek to hold them accountable.
  • Documenting your injuries – The key to maximizing your compensation in a car accident case is documentation of all your injuries and financial losses. A car accident lawyer can use your medical records, accident scene photos, eyewitness accounts, expert testimony, and other evidence to show how the crash has affected your life.
  • Reviewing any documents related to your case – There is a lot of paperwork in a car accident case. You must fill out every insurance form and legal document correctly to avoid unnecessary headaches. A car accident lawyer can review any documents related to your case before you submit them to an insurance company.
  • Filing your claim on time – According to Nevada law, you must file a car accident lawsuit within two years of the crash. Most car accident cases do not go to trial, but the threat of a lawsuit gives you leverage during negotiations with insurance companies. If you wait too long to file a car accident lawsuit, the court may dismiss your case.
  • Negotiating an insurance settlement – Once you reach a settlement, you cannot go back to the insurer later and ask for more money if you discover the settlement didn’t cover all your losses. You need to maximize the value of your settlement. A car accident attorney can handle settlement negotiations and protect your right to fair compensation.
  • Taking your case to trial – If an insurance company refuses to agree to a fair settlement, you might need to take the insurer to court. Personal injury trials are complicated and risky. You want to ensure you have help from an experienced trial attorney so you can rely on their knowledge and experience through the process of litigation.

Can You Get a Car Accident Lawyer for Free?

Finding an affordable car accident lawyer is not as difficult as you might think. You want to hire a personal injury lawyer who handles cases on a contingency fee basis and is rewarded when you receive compensation.

Sam & Ash Injury Law does not charge clients any legal fees to work on their cases. The firm has the resources to cover all the expenses in your case while it is pending. The attorneys at Sam & Ash Injury Law only collect a legal fee if we deliver a positive outcome for the client. We deduct a percentage of the amount we recover through an insurance settlement or court award to cover our legal fee.

If you do not receive compensation, you do not owe Sam & Ash Injury Law any money. This fee structure allows injured people to have qualified legal representation at a time when they otherwise might not be able to afford the legal assistance. Serious injuries and financial hardship should not prevent you from pursuing the compensation you deserve.

Call Our Las Vegas Car Accident Attorneys

The Las Vegas car accident lawyers at Sam & Ash Injury Law have the experience and resources to help you seek full and fair compensation if you were injured in a crash through no fault of your own. We want to help you demand What’s Right. Call us or reach out to us online for a free consultation with a car accident attorney.

Author: Ash Watkins

Ash started her legal career defending insurance companies against injury victims. She saw how insurance companies treated people who had legitimate injury claims. But she also saw how notoriously sleazy the personal injury lawyers were. Neither side was focused on the injured person, so she decided to do something about it.