Getting a Police Report After a Car Accident In Las Vegas, Nevada

When a car accident lawyer at Sam & Ash, LLP, meets with a prospective client, we first inquire whether there is a police accident report that we can review. The police report is the first record of a car accident. Insurers and others will take its contents as fact unless there is compelling evidence that it is incorrect. Therefore, you should obtain the police report as soon as you can after a car accident.

Suppose you have been seriously injured in a car crash caused by another motorist. In that case, Sam & Ash Injury Law is ready to help you obtain the accident report and understand your legal rights to demand compensation. You deserve What’s Right.

You can request a police report online, in person, or by mail.

Online Request for Police Reports

If you were in a car accident in Las Vegas, you can request a copy of the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (LVMPD) report online. Start here and read the instructions for submitting payment ($11). You will need the following information to get your report:

  • Valid photo ID
  • LVMPD Event number
  • Your full name and date of birth
  • Your phone number with area code and valid email address
  • Names of persons involved
  • Date and time of the accident
  • Address or location of the accident
  • Vehicle license plate number

If the Nevada Highway Patrol responded to your accident, follow similar instructions here. It will require you to complete this form and provide the following:

  • Name, address, and telephone number
  • Date the request is submitted
  • Description of the requested record
  • Whether you want to inspect the record or receive a copy
  • Specify whether you want a paper or electronic copy of the record

In-person Request for Police Report

You may find it easier to go to the police station and ask for a copy. You may request report copies in Las Vegas at:

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Headquarters

Records & Fingerprint Bureau

400 South Martin Luther King Boulevard, Building C

Or you can check for the LVMPD police station nearest you and go there.

Traffic accident reports are available to the owner of the record only. This means you must have been a driver or pedestrian involved in an accident or the registered owner of a vehicle involved in an accident.

The Nevada Highway Patrol station in Las Vegas is at 4615 West Sunset Road. Phone (702) 486-4100. Complete the form found here.

Request Police Report by Mail

To request a copy of a Las Vegas car accident report by mail, you must complete this form, have a notary public notarize your signature and mail the form to:

Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department

Attn: Correspondence Section

400 S. Martin Luther King Boulevard, Building C

Las Vegas, NV 89106

You must enclose $11 per report in a money order or cashier’s check made out to the Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department and a notarized photocopy of a valid government-issued photo identification card such as a Nevada driver’s license.

Click here for the form to request a Highway Patrol accident report by mail.

Our Car Accident Lawyer in Las Vegas Can Help

In Las Vegas, if you have been injured in a car crash that was not your fault, contact a car accident lawyer at Sam & Ash, LLP. We have experience handling car accident injury cases in Las Vegas, Clark County, and surrounding Nevada and California communities.

We can help you get a copy of your car accident report as part of a free initial consultation about a potential car accident claim. You deserve What’s Right. Contact us today.

Author: Ash Watkins

Ash started her legal career defending insurance companies against injury victims. She saw how insurance companies treated people who had legitimate injury claims. But she also saw how notoriously sleazy the personal injury lawyers were. Neither side was focused on the injured person, so she decided to do something about it.