How a Car Accident Could Affect Your Insurance Policy

Knowing your rights after suffering injuries in a car accident is important. Understanding the potential impact of a car accident on your insurance policy is vital. By law, all drivers in Nevada must have auto insurance. Unfortunately, many drivers do not realize how significantly a single accident can affect their insurance rates and overall coverage.

The Las Vegas, Nevada, personal injury attorneys at Sam & Ash Injury Law understand the distress injured individuals may experience after a crash. If you have been injured in a car accident and you believe another driver was at fault, our attorneys can help you pursue financial accountability and push back against attempts by the other driver’s insurer to shift the blame to you. We believe that you deserve What’s Right.

Factors Influencing Your Insurance Policy After a Car Accident

Two factors — fault determination and the severity of the accident — influence car insurance payouts after an accident.

Fault Determination

When an auto accident occurs, one of the insurance company’s first tasks is determining which driver was at fault. Fault determination is crucial because it affects which driver’s insurance has financial liability for the losses caused by the accident. The driver found to be at fault often faces increased car insurance premiums. Sometimes, both drivers are found partly at fault.

Nature and Severity of Accident

Whether the accident is minor or severe will influence the insurance policy. If an accident caused only damage to your vehicle and no injuries, you may be able to reach a property damage settlement on your own with the insurance company to pay for the vehicle repairs. If the accident caused significant injuries, the financial stakes are higher. The insurance company is more likely to dispute liability or try to pay as little as possible to resolve the claim. If you suffered serious injuries and another driver was at fault, you need a skilled Las Vegas personal injury attorney to advocate for you. You will be at a disadvantage dealing with another driver’s insurer without a strong legal advocate.

Short-term Implications of a Car Accident on Your Insurance Policy

Insurance companies consider a number of factors when setting the cost of your auto insurance premium. Insurers view drivers with a history of accidents as at higher risk for additional claims. They adjust their rates accordingly to mitigate the accident risk.

An insurance carrier might cancel your policy if you have a history of accidents. This situation often occurs when the insurance company decides the risk of insuring you is too high.

After you are involved in a car accident, your case will be assigned to a claims adjuster. The adjuster’s role is to investigate the accident, determine which driver is at fault, and which insurance provider has financial responsibility for the collision. If another driver was at fault, their insurer may be responsible for compensating you for your losses. But insurance companies will do everything they can to protect their bottom line, including trying to pin the fault on you.

The claims process can be challenging if you try to deal with insurance companies on your own, especially if you are recovering from accident-related injuries. A dedicated car accident attorney can advocate for you and push back against attempts to reassign the fault to you.

Long-term Implications of a Car Accident on Your Insurance Policy

A history of accidents can influence policy renewal decisions. Some insurance companies may choose not to renew policies for customers with multiple accidents, particularly those found repeatedly at fault for causing the accidents. If you need to shop for a new auto insurance policy at any point, a checkered driving record might lead to higher premiums. Maintaining a clean driving record is crucial to avoid high auto insurance premiums.

How Sam & Ash Injury Law Can Help

At Sam & Ash Injury Law, we will get to know you individually to ensure that we understand your injuries have affected your life. We take the time to get to know each client so we can provide the best possible legal advocacy. If the negligence of another motorist has harmed you, we will document the accident, guide you through the claims process, and negotiate with the insurance companies for full compensation. For us, it’s about standing up for What’s Right.

The road to recovery can be difficult if your injuries are serious. No one should have to fight with insurance companies while coping with significant injuries. At Sam & Ash Injury Law, we will prepare a persuasive case to support your claim for just compensation for injuries caused by another party’s negligence.

Measures To Minimize Impact on Your Insurance Policy

Preventing accidents is the best way to maintain low insurance premiums. Driving defensively, obeying traffic rules, and remaining vigilant in dangerous traffic situations can help you avoid causing a crash.

Consider purchasing comprehensive coverage. Although it may cost more upfront, comprehensive coverage can protect you against non-accident-related losses, giving you peace of mind and financial security.

But you can’t prevent other drivers from making mistakes. Sometimes another driver’s negligence can lead to an accident. If an accident does occur, report it to your insurance company as soon as possible. Timely reporting can help expedite the claims process.

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