Hurt in Nevada, But You Live in California? Or Hurt in California, But You Live in Nevada?

If you are injured in Las Vegas while visiting from out of state, you may wonder what to do when hurt in Nevada. Likewise, if you are injured on a visit from Nevada to Orange County, you may wonder what to do when hurt in California.

Don’t just hire a firm in your hometown and get referred to another out-of-state law firm. Choose a hometown firm that can represent you in a car accident injury case or other personal injury matter in both California and Nevada.

At Sam & Ash Injury Law, our experienced attorneys really care about our clients. Our attorneys have successfully represented thousands of people in California and Nevada and recovered more than $400 million for our clients. We have law offices in Newport Beach, California, and Las Vegas, Nevada to serve our clients more effectively.

If you are injured while on a visit to southern Nevada, you may return home to California with your injury. But you can’t just hire a California firm to handle your personal injury claim.

Serving Nevada and CaliforniaDid you know that if you are hurt in Nevada but live in California, you’ll need to hire a lawyer licensed to practice in Nevada? Your injury claim will be settled or litigated in Nevada, even if you reside elsewhere. A California attorney who parachutes in to handle a case in Nevada will be at a disadvantage when going up against a Las Vegas business or Las Vegas-based insurance company.

Conversely, did you know if you live in Nevada but you were injured in California, you’ll need a lawyer who is licensed in California? Don’t put yourself at a disadvantage by hiring an attorney unfamiliar with the local civil court system.

What To Do When Hurt in a Nevada Car Accident?

You should report the car crash to the Las Vegas police or Nevada Highway Patrol and seek prompt medical attention to treat your injuries. You should notify your insurance company of the accident. You should continue with follow-up medical treatment as directed when you return home. You should consult with a knowledgeable Nevada personal injury attorney to understand your legal options and whether you have the right to pursue compensation from another motorist.

What To Do When Hurt in a California Car Accident?

You should notify the police or California Highway patrol of the car accident and request an ambulance if you need emergency medical treatment. If you don’t require emergency medical care, you should seek a medical evaluation within 24 hours. You should report the accident to your insurance company. If another driver caused your injuries, talk with a California personal injury lawyer about your legal options and whether you are entitled to demand compensation from the at-fault driver.

If you have a personal injury claim out of state, you need to work with a lawyer who has an office in the state where the injury occurred and understands the civil laws that apply in the state. Our attorneys at Sam & Ash Injury Law have extensive experience working with the civil justice system in California and Nevada. We have offices in both states.

Trust the team that has helped thousands of injury victims seek justice and fair compensation in California and Nevada. We empathize with people who visit from California and sustain serious injuries in Nevada. We will take the time to get to know you and provide personalized legal attention. Regardless of where you reside, we believe you deserve What’s Right. The attorneys at Sam & Ash Injury Law can handle your personal injury case whether the accident occurred in Nevada or California.

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