My Lawyer Is Not Calling Me Back. Will That Hurt My Case?

No matter why your attorney isn’t calling you back, you deserve better.

Personal injury lawyers know that one way to make money is by cutting costs wherever possible, running a bare-bones office, and settling cases without putting in the time and effort they deserve. It’s not the right thing to do, but it can turn a profit.

Bad attorneys try to hook you with a lower fee. Instead of investing in your case, they sell you on “low overhead” and pretend the savings will get passed on to you.

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But less isn’t more when it comes to a personal injury lawyer. Less is less. Period.

The insurance companies keep track of who these lawyers are. When they see the name of a budget lawyer on an accident case, they know they can offer pennies on the dollar. When a lawyer puts nothing into a case, any settlement adds to their profits — even when that settlement is less than you deserve. The lawyer wins. The insurance company wins. But you lose.

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At Sam & Ash Injury Law, we know from experience that better care gets better results.

We have a higher fee than a lot of firms out there. It’s what enables us to put more work and more resources into your case — giving you the best chance of maximizing your injury settlement.

We use a model where we both win. Our team feels confident investing in your case because we’re confident in the work we do and the results it brings.

A premium lawyer with premium service can get you a premium settlement. We’re the best in the business. Don’t risk your case on a low-fee lawyer — hire Sam & Ash and charge it to the insurance company.

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