Still Have Pain After An Accident? Is It Too Late To Hire a Good Lawyer?

While it’s never too late to talk to a lawyer or go to the doctor, it’s best you do both as soon as possible.

There are plenty of understandable reasons to wait before going to the doctor. We understand that you don’t want your injury to disrupt your life — that it seems easier to just wait and see if you’ll get better on your own. Unfortunately, the insurance company will use this delay against you. They will say you didn’t go to the doctor because you weren’t actually injured.

We also understand why you may have waited to call an attorney. Maybe you thought your case wasn’t serious enough to need a lawyer, or maybe you worried you couldn’t afford one. Now, the insurance company is calling and you’re concerned about saying the wrong thing. And what about that small offer they’re making you? Is it fair?

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What’s Right | Samone’s Testimonial

Talking to the insurance company without first knowing all of your rights is a bad idea.

The insurance company knows the laws and will use their knowledge to pay you as little as possible. When the insurance company pays you less, they make more. An insurance adjuster’s job is not to pay you What’s Right, it’s to save the insurance company money.

When the insurance company does its job, you lose. When we do our job here at Sam & Ash, you win. That’s the difference that makes a difference.

Every injury victim, no matter how minor the injury may seem, should speak to an experienced personal injury attorney as soon as possible. When you call our office, we will tell you the 3 most important things you should watch for in the first 10 days following your accident. And we’ll tell you this information in less than 8 minutes.

We call this the 3 – 10 – 8.

Call us immediately so we can help you understand your rights. We’ll give you the Sam & Ash 3 – 10 – 8.

You’ll quickly notice the Sam & Ash difference in a short, easy phone call. Day or night, we are here for you.

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