Tactics & Tricks Insurance Adjusters Use in Accident Claims

When you’ve been involved in an accident, you may assume the insurance company will handle your claim fairly and promptly. But unfortunately, insurance adjusters often use tactics to devalue your accident claim, minimize payouts, and protect their company’s interests. It’s not right.

At Sam & Ash Injury Law, we know their sneaky tricks and fight against them to ensure accident victims throughout Nevada and California get the entire compensation they’re owed — and then some. We’re giving you a peek behind the curtain to help you navigate the claims process more effectively and ensure YOU receive fair compensation.

Insurance Adjuster Tactics That Are Red Flags

Quick Settlement Offers

After an accident, you might be contacted by an insurance adjuster who seems friendly and understanding. They’ll make you feel like they’re on your side and may present you with a settlement offer shortly after the incident — often before you fully comprehend the extent of your injuries or damages. Insurance adjusters know that immediate financial strain may entice you to accept a low offer, potentially leaving you with insufficient compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages, and future expenses. Beware of these quick settlement offers, as they are usually designed to undervalue your claim.

Delays and Stalling Tactics

On the other hand, insurance adjusters may also resort to delaying tactics to wear you down and push you into accepting a low settlement. For example, they may request unnecessary paperwork, demand extensive documentation, or continually ask for additional evidence. By prolonging the claims process, adjusters hope to frustrate you into settling for less than you deserve. Hiring Sam & Ash Injury Law is crucial to protecting your rights if you encounter unreasonable delays.

Recorded Statements

Insurance adjusters often request recorded statements to gather information about the accident. Be cautious when providing these statements without legal representation. Adjusters may manipulate your words or twist your statements to weaken your claim. When you hire premium legal representation, you can ensure you don’t unintentionally harm your case. Remember, their goal is minimizing the insurance company’s liability, not prioritizing your best interests.

Downplaying Injuries and Damages

Insurance adjusters may attempt to downplay the severity of your injuries and the extent of the damages sustained in the accident. In addition, they might argue that your injuries are pre-existing or unrelated to the accident, undermining your right to fair compensation. To counter these tactics, gathering strong medical evidence, including expert opinions and thorough medical reports, is crucial. A skilled personal injury lawyer can help you build a solid case and counteract the insurance company’s attempts to devalue your claim.

Social Media Surveillance

Insurance adjusters increasingly use social media platforms to gather evidence to discredit your accident claim. They may monitor your posts, photos, and check-ins to find any inconsistency or evidence that contradicts your injury claims. Therefore, it’s essential to be cautious about what you post on social media during the claims process. Refrain from discussing your case, sharing photos of activities that may be misconstrued, or accepting friend requests from unfamiliar individuals. At Sam & Ash, we recommend that you stay off social media altogether to help your case best.

Understanding the sneaky tricks insurance adjusters use in accident claims is the first step in protecting your rights and maximizing your compensation. The second is to seek legal representation from an experienced personal injury law firm like Sam & Ash Injury Law. Our team can provide you with the expertise and guidance to successfully navigate the complex claims process.

Remember, you don’t have to face the insurance company alone — our Sam & Ash Law team can help safeguard your claim, level the playing field, and fight for the compensation you deserve. So if you’ve been injured in an accident, call or text 702-820-1234 or click here for a free and confidential case review today — because it’s never too late to hire a lawyer that does What’s Right.

Author: Sam Mirejovsky

For more than 20 years, Sam Mirejovsky has been helping people who have been hurt due to negligence and wrongdoing. Bringing a client-centered approach to every case, Sam believes that getting the care you need and the justice you deserve is only achieved when you take the time to understand your client and their personal circumstances. This mindset has helped him change the landscape of personal injury law and recover millions of dollars for injured people and their families.