The Truth About "Best Of" Injury Lawyers in Las Vegas

Have you ever wondered who votes on those “#1 Injury Lawyer” or “Best Of” awards you see all over billboards in Vegas? How can they ALL be the best?

We’ll let you in on a secret: It’s all a sham.

How “Best Of” Awards Are Bought, Not Earned

There’s no shortage of personal injury lawyers in Vegas, which means there’s also no shortage of lawyers buying their way to the top with meaningless “#1 Best Of” awards.

The truth is, these accolades aren’t worth much. When you see one of these awards on a billboard, it’s usually coming from the law firm equivalent of a big-box store. They pass their clients around to someone new daily, if they even answer your calls. Their service is awful, and they don’t get the best settlements. But their business model allows for it by dealing in minimal effort and maximum volume.

The insurance company keeps track of these law firms, which makes it MUCH harder to get the settlement you deserve when their name is attached to your case.

Anyone can pay to have their name on a billboard — but that doesn’t make them the best at what they do.

“Best Of” awards are actually completely meaningless. It’s nothing more than businesses selling titles to whoever has the money to pay for them. Sure, they’ll have requirements and hoops to jump through. But all the benchmarks are designed to be attainable by mediocre firms who are willing to pay to play.

This raises an obvious question:

How do people know what lawyer to trust?

What matters is reputation. And at Sam & Ash Injury Law, we’ve earned our reputation by getting MORE for our clients through real-life RESULTS. Not fake awards.

If you’ve hired one of those billboard injury law firms, ask yourself:

  • Are they calling you back?
  • Do they have to go digging for your file when you get them on the phone?
  • Do they know you by name?
  • Are you worried they might be ruining your case?

Bad news: You don’t get a do-over on your case. Good news: You can upgrade to a better lawyer for free.

Imagine switching lawyers and suddenly getting offers that are double, triple, or even quadruple what your old lawyer was getting.

That’s The Power of Reputation.

We know that being injured in an accident can be a difficult and confusing time. You might not even know that you can switch lawyers. But it’s actually pretty easy — and it could save your case.

That’s why Sam & Ash has a dedicated team of attorneys on standby for you 24/7, ready to show you the difference the RIGHT lawyer can make.

The Difference a Good Lawyer With a Great Reputation Can Make on Your Injury Case

We’re known for fighting to get our clients more because we know what they’ve been through is already enough. Whether it’s battling insurance companies who refuse to give you a fair settlement or taking cases to trial when necessary, we’re always looking out for what’s in your best interest.

The most important thing for most clients is getting the best possible outcome for their case — and that’s what we strive to do every day. From the initial consultation to the end of your case, we will be by your side.

When you work with our attorneys, rest assured that you have a team of reputable lawyers committed to getting you the best outcome — outcomes many of our clients didn’t even know were possible.

The Truth About Your Settlement

We’ve been in this business for many years and have successfully recovered over $400 million for our clients — and we’re not slowing down anytime soon. So when you need an injury lawyer you can trust, look no further. We’ll make sure you get more so you can live your life free of the financial burden an accident has placed on you and your family.

If you’re injured in an accident, start your case right from day one by calling or texting 702-820-1234. If you feel like you’ve hired the wrong lawyer, get a second opinion ASAP. You can save your case by upgrading to Sam & Ash Injury Law. We’ll fix what the “#1 Best Of” billboard injury lawyer messed up.

Sam & Ash Law Pro-Tip

The next time you see an advertisement from a personal injury lawyer claiming to be the best in Vegas, remember that it’s about as meaningful as a sign saying, “World’s Best Chili.”

At Sam & Ash Injury Law, we DO more, so you GET more — because you deserve premium legal representation with a great reputation. So contact us today for a free consultation and learn more about how we can help YOU. No pressure, no fee, just answers from honest attorneys who want What’s Right for you.

Author: Ash Watkins

Ash started her legal career defending insurance companies against injury victims. She saw how insurance companies treated people who had legitimate injury claims. But she also saw how notoriously sleazy the personal injury lawyers were. Neither side was focused on the injured person, so she decided to do something about it.