Oliver’s Eye Surgery

It’s no secret that we’re dog people at Sam & Ash Injury Law. Our Canine Executive Officer and mascot is a 2-year-old dachshund named Rocky has his own mural outside our office. Naturally, we have a soft spot for other four-legged friends in need. In July 2020, we heard about Oliver the pug. The Animal Foundation rescued Oliver, who was sweet, playful, and needed emergency surgery to save his left eye.

To ensure Oliver got the forever home he deserved, Sam & Ash Injury Law covered the entire bill for his procedure. We are so glad Oliver can get back to playing fetch in the yard and enjoying lots of treats with his family.

Click to see how Oliver is doing after his surgery.

Sam & Ash Injury Law continues to support the Animal Foundation in their endeavors to save and help all treatable animals in Las Vegas Valley. If you would like to contribute your support or donate, please visit their website here:

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