A Dog Bite at an Animal Shelter

Suffering a dog bite at an animal shelter puts you in a tough situation. Shelters do good work by caring for animals while they wait for adoption. You understandably don’t want to do anything to cause hardship to the shelter. But if your injury is serious, the right thing to do is to see a doctor and get help paying for your treatment. Thankfully a solution does not have to come at the expense of either your wellbeing or the operation of the animal shelter.

dogs in animal shelter

See a Doctor After a Dog Bite at an Animal Shelter

Your first priority is to see a doctor if your bite was deep and you’re concerned about an infection.

First aid for the bite is a good start:

  • stop the bleeding
  • clean the bite as best as you can.

Inform the doctor whether the dog was vaccinated and if you are at risk of infection because of illness. The shelter may cooperate with the doctor by providing additional information.

Diseases from Dog Bite

dog panting

Apart from the wound you sustained, a dog bite can infect you with disease. Almost 20% of dog bites become infected according to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. The bite may result in:

  • Rabies – Contracting the rabies virus is rare, but it is fatal.
  • Pasteurella – This type of bacteria causes swelling in many dog bites.
  • Tetanus – A toxin that can cause paralysis.
  • MRSA – Dogs carry MRSA without showing symptoms, but can cause skin, lung, and urinary tract infections in people.

Pursue Compensation with the Animal Shelter’s Insurance

Animal shelters know it is possible for a dog to bite someone who is trying to pet it. Most shelters have insurance to cover dog bite injuries should they arise. Therefore, your claim is with the insurance company. Don’t worry about causing hardship for the shelter. Consider your claim as a process for reimbursement with a third party that is in place for your exact situation.

Taking your medical treatment and compensation seriously is a good first start. A dog bite attorney in Las Vegas can help you from there. Your dog bite at an animal shelter is unique and dog bite law can be complicated. The Sam & Ash Injury Law team wants to help guide you through your treatment and recovery. Give us a call for a free case consultation at 1 (800) 304-2000.