Dog Bite Laws in Nevada

Dogs are considered to be “man’s best friend.” Many of us can’t imagine life without our friendly, furry companions. But what many of us tend to forget is that dogs are animals and can cause catastrophic or fatal injuries if they attack a person. A dog’s powerful jaws can easily tear skin and tissue, leading to bleeding, scarring, and infections that could be life-altering. Nevada dog bite laws exist to prevent these types of injuries from happening.

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What Are the Dog Bite Laws in Nevada?

In Nevada, the liability of a dog owner when their pet bites someone are often determined by common law, or in other words, the circumstances of the incident will define which party is liable for the resulting injuries because Nevada does not have an established dog bite statute. On the good side, Nevada follows a “one-bite” rule that can have major implications for owners that have animals with previous history of aggression.

What Is Nevada’s One-Bite Rule?

Unlike “strict liability” states where an owner is responsible for his or her dog’s actions, Nevada’s rules are a bit more complicated. Nevada’s one-bite rule means that, in many dog bite accidents, the dog’s owner might only be liable when he or she should have known the bite would happen. If the dog bit someone before or displayed dangerous behavior, then the owner may be on notice and may be liable. If the dog has never bitten anyone before, the owner may not be liable.

Under Nevada’s one-bite rule, it can be more complicated to prove an owner’s liability. Still, there are ways to hold the owners of vicious or dangerous dogs responsible for the injuries their animals cause.

What Is a “Dangerous Dog” in Nevada?

Under Nevada law, a dangerous dog is one that acts menacingly on two occasions within 18 months. In addition, the law states that the dog must be menacing without someone provoking it, and the dog must do the menacing while it isn’t on its owner’s property or isn’t in a pen or cage.

Law enforcement agencies may also declare a dog dangerous if its owner or keeper used it in the commission of a crime.

What Is a “Vicious Dog” in Nevada?

Nevada has a separate classification for “vicious dogs.” Nevada law classifies a dog as vicious in two situations. One is when the dog either hurts or kills someone. The other is when law enforcement has notified the owner that the dog is dangerous and the dog’s behavior continues to be menacing.

In Nevada, it is not legal to keep a vicious dog or to give it away. If someone keeps a vicious dog after being notified about it, law enforcement could charge them with a misdemeanor. That could mean the owner receives fines or jail time.

What Is Nevada’s Dog Leash Law?

Under Nevada law, the general rule is that there are only a few limited situations, such as hunting or dog parks, where a dog is allowed to run at large. Outside of this, cities and counties have a variety of leash laws that govern leash use. A violation of these local leash laws could result in fines and jail time and could be used as evidence in a dog bite lawsuit.

Depending upon where an accident occurs, different local dog leash laws could apply. An attorney can help you understand which rules may be involved with your case.

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Statute of Limitations for Dog Bite Cases in Nevada

In most dog bite cases, you have two years to bring a lawsuit for any injuries. If you fail to bring a lawsuit within the time allowed by law, you may lose your right to bring a dog bite case.

Talk with a lawyer as soon as you can to understand what time limits apply. Our attorneys at Sam & Ash Injury Law can work quickly to secure evidence, build a strong claim, and pursue the compensation that’s right for you.

How Our Dog Bite Lawyers at Sam & Ash Injury Law Can Help

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