A truck accident can result in serious injuries. The most glaring difference between semi-truck accidents and other crashes is the size of the vehicle involved. Trucks present unique dangers for those sharing the highways with them and are required to carry commercial insurance policies. In theory, this should mean there is more money available for your recovery. In practice, it means these commercial policies are guarded by skilled insurance adjusters whose job is to pay you as little as possible.

Catastrophic injuries and property damage result when an 80,000-pound tractor-trailer collides with a 2,000-pound car or 4,000-pound SUV. And because the impact of a truck accident is larger than a normal car, a tractor-trailer accident claim is also more complex.

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The insurance company has the responsibility to compensate you for your losses. The Las Vegas truck accident lawyers at Sam & Ash Injury Law will fight to hold them to that. We offer free case evaluations, so call us or contact us online anytime. We want to make this difficult time as easy as possible for you.

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Why Are Truck Accident Cases So Complex?

When an 18-wheeler or commercial truck is involved in a serious or fatal accident, it can quickly become far more complex than a typical car wreck. The consequences of a truck accident can be especially devastating because of the size of blind spots and the power of big rigs. Semi-trucks can send debris flying, damage multiple cars, and easily harm multiple people in a single accident. Investigating a truck accident can be more challenging than a car wreck, and many experts may be needed to understand what caused the crash.

Nevada’s trucking laws and federal regulations dealing with commercial trucks can also make an accident case more complex. In a truck accident, numerous rules and regulations may be relevant to your case. These details include the driver’s schedule, the companies that loaded the cargo, and the mechanics that performed routine maintenance. You need a Las Vegas truck accident lawyer with a deep knowledge of these regulations.

Finally, truck accident cases can be complicated by the fact that there may be multiple liable parties. The truck driver, the truck owner, the cargo loaders, and even the people who arranged for transport could be partly liable. Each of these parties may have multiple insurers trying to minimize your compensation. Those companies will be working to protect their own interests rather than thinking about what’s best for you.

Tractor-Trailer Accidents Are More Dangerous

Tractor-trailer accidents are different from car accidents because they present unique road hazards:

  • A tractor-trailer puts enormous stress on its tires that can result in tire blowouts. The driver may lose control of the vehicle’s handling and collide with nearby cars.
  • A tractor-trailer has more blind spots than a car. A negligent driver can easily be unaware of surrounding vehicles.
  • A tractor-trailer has a high center of gravity and is at risk of a rollover in curves along the road or on highway entrance and exit ramps. High winds can also cause rollovers because of a truck’s large surface area.
  • A car can slide under a tractor-trailer in what’s called an underride. Tractor-trailers have rear guards to prevent underride in rear-end accidents. But there is still a danger of underrides in sideswipes and side-impact collisions.

What Sources of Compensation Are Available in Truck Accidents?

Many different sources of compensation may be available in your truck accident claim. Depending on the facts of your case, a truck accident lawyer in Las Vegas can help you identify those parties, which may include:

  • Insurance companies
  • The driver
  • The company that employs the driver
  • Commercial truck owners
  • Manufacturers of the truck
  • Truck part manufacturers
  • Cargo loaders
  • Companies that performed repairs or maintenance
  • Carriers
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How Much Is My Truck Accident Case Worth?

After a big rig accident, a Las Vegas truck accident attorney at Sam & Ash Injury Law can help you seek compensation for:

  • Medical care
  • Long-term treatment and rehabilitation
  • Lost wages and damage to earning potential
  • Pain and suffering
  • Losses related to a wrongful death

There is no way to know how much your truck accident case is worth at the outset. You will need time to heal to truly understand your injuries and how they will affect you down the line. A Las Vegas personal injury attorney will thoroughly assess your damages to make sure we are pursuing the full amount of compensation you deserve.

How Long Do I Have To File a Truck Accident Lawsuit in Las Vegas, NV?

If you need to file a truck accident lawsuit, you typically have two years from the crash date to do so. In a few limited situations, you may have more time. If you’ve been in an accident, speak with a Las Vegas truck accident attorney as soon as possible to understand how much time you have to file your claim.

Truck Accident FAQs

Recovery from a truck accident injury can be a painful time, and you may have questions about how your claim will move forward. Common questions include:

You often can. In many cases, an employer can be held liable for its employee’s negligence during the time that the employee is working in the course and scope of employment. The employer may also be held liable for negligence for failing to properly hire, train, and supervise the employee who caused the accident.

If an insurance adjuster contacts you, refer them to your lawyer to handle any questions or discussions. Your lawyer knows how to handle truck accident cases and can communicate the detailed information that an insurance company needs as part of your truck accident claim.

While some people may try to handle a truck accident claim without a lawyer, that is not a good idea if you are struggling to cope with injuries from the crash. A truck accident case can involve multiple insurers who each have lawyers of their own. When you have a lawyer on your side, you can rest assured that a professional is looking out for your best interests.

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