3.24.23 F*ck “Foodies”

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Episode Description

On Today’s Menu:

  • Ash & the Bloviating Barrister had a rough night… gets a little wild
  • Petition for the Food Gal to be our on-site fact checker
  • Jack in the Box stole our song
  • A quick wine detour (go to jamessuckling.com if you want to learn about wine from the best)
  • Learn how to walk into a restaurant from the expert himself (read more on eatinglv.com)
  • Hint: hold your head high, be polite, and be nice even if the hostess stand has a higher IQ than the hostess
  • Celebrity chef brand whoring at its finest
  • Girl Scouts Samoas cookies = Oreo cookies
  • Ash’s Oreo’s pro tip: pour your milk in a frozen glass for the ultimate dunking experience
  • NEW “I Can’t Wait to Go Back There” restaurant
  • Beef jerky & gas station beef

Food News You Can Use:

  • The Mirage converting to the Hard Rock Hotel? Snoozeville.
  • Rosa Ristorante on the ropes? Or are we just seeing signals of it being a passion project and not a money maker by the chef going to work with Brisson at Brezza?
  • Letty’s De Leticia’s Cocina Deserving of Triple D
  • Report Back: Martin Yang’s M.Y. Asia at Horseshoe Casino & Hotel fka Bally’s

Recent Ventures:

  • Anima by EDO (INCREDIBLE food)
  • Naxos Taverna at Red Rock Casino (best seafood John’s seen off the strip EVER in the history of Las Vegas)
  • LAMOON (good pedigree)

Pet Peeves of the Week:

  • Ash (they’re always hyper-specific, obviously): Don’t give her a slice of lemon give her a wedge. Changing up a staple menu item without letting her know
  • John (tries to keep it under control): “Foodies” are nothing more than narrow-minded little schlubs.

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