3.31.23 Porky Pro Tips

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Episode Description

On Today’s Menu:

  • How to get into a restaurant when you don’t have a reservation
  • What happens when the money boys take over?
  • Henderson, Nevada: where restaurants go to die
  • Farewell, oyster szn… it was delicious while it lasted
  • Asian restaurant fails
  • If you don’t think food and sex are related, you’re just not paying attention
  • John heads to Paris… give him a croissant, then give him liberty

BREAKING food news you can use: Las Vegas has 3 finalists for the 2023 James Beard Awards!

Food News You Can Use:

  • RIP Arby’s co-founder Leroy Raffel
  • Lotus of Siam is going to Hendertucky *sigh*
  • Happy National Tater Day, boys

Spots Mentioned:

Pet Peeves of the Week:

  • Fat people in tight clothes
  • PREMIUM all you can eat
  • Chefs with flame throwers
  • Frozen butter
  • iPad kids at restaurants

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