4.28.23 Merci for the Mammaries

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Episode Description

On Today’s Menu:

  • John returns from his 13th trip to Paris with stories & travel hacks
  • How to approach French people
  • If you can afford it, go to Paris just to eat the bread
  • How to find the me in every city you go to
  • The Prince of Prague (Sam) eats pigeon for the first time
  • Pigeon in Paris > Pigeon in Prague
  • Ash’s Napa adventures (hot take: the food SUCKS)
  • Blame it all on Instagram & millennials
  • Sauces & artistic little smears are making a comeback
  • Tips about tipping
  • Systemic mediocrity
  • Old man rants
  • Next week on Eat. Talk. Repeat.: Ash has some beef with John

Spots Mentioned:

Food News You Can Use:

  • Fire at China Mama
  • Big Wong Restaurant is closing

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