5.24.24 From Cheapo Smash Burgers To High-End Steak

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Episode Description

On Today’s Menu:

  • John Goes semi-viral… again (he’s gonna need to be vaccinated he’s so viral) for calling Tony Hsieh a drug-addicted creep
  • Private membership clubs… yay or nay?
  • Vegas Unstripped 2024 recap & local gossip
  • CWOSSAIIIINTS bracket lineup UNVEILED!! One step closer to making this thing happen
  • Places to try mead in Las Vegas
  • Ash’s micro-aggression of the week
  • Lack of adult supervision & management at restaurants
  • Answering all our listeners’ questions (S/O to @JoshAndRachel – check out their YouTube channel)

Food News You Can Use:

  • Evan Glosson is opening a new Italian restaurant
  • Patio Wine Garden is closing… but Bank is planning to open a new Thai spot on Spring Mountain this fall
  • Vital Vegas leaks news of Bazaar Meat closure?? John gives his insights from the man himself, José Andrés
  • & more!

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