6.2.23 Have You Been Catfished by a Delivery Restaurant?

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Episode Description

On Today’s Menu:

  • April in Paris
  • Restaurant catfishing
  • Allergy accidents – who is at fault?
  • Civet coffee
  • Have the James Beard Awards gone woke?

Food News You Can Use:

  • Part 1 of John’s April in Paris is up on Eating Las Vegas
  • Donut Bar permanently closed
  • Smashed Pig on Freemont now gone too
  • …and Mandalay Bay’s Fleur by Hubert Keller closing
  • But Saga Pastry is reopening on East Flamingo!
  • Beware of restaurant catfishing!
  • Las Vegas has three finalists in Monday’s James Beard Awards

Recent Ventures/Spots Mentioned:

Pet Peeves:

  • Post-Covid coffee shops still won’t let you dose your own cream and sugar
  • Espresso martinis without the three-bean garnish

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