8.25.23 Eat. John. Repeat. Featuring Sam & The Food Gal

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Episode Description

On Today’s Menu:

  • Our pet peeve of the week is fueled by Elon Musk
  • John coins the term sush-bag (douchebags who like to overpay for sushi) & gives marriage advice
  • Spring Mountain Road recommendations & pro tips (shoutout to one of our loyal listeners, @THunter2)
  • Ash’s pinch hitter, The Food Gal, joins us (feel better, Ash)
  • New PR problems: food influencers on Ozempic

Food News You Can Use:

Recent Ventures/Spots Mentioned:

  • Tinned Fish Club
  • Jaleo Las Vegas (best paella in the United States… you heard it here first)
  • PublicUs

Spring Mountain Road Recommendations:

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