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Episode Description

On Today’s Menu:

  • Eating New Orleans departs to go to the drunkest town in America
  • Rundown of John’s new article, Hail, Britannia! Part One: his Christmas English adventures, underrated British foods, & eating destinations
  • Urine-soaked lamb kidneys will put some hair on your chest
  • Tips that’ll give you a leg up with all the gourmands
  • New Year’s Resolutions Updates:
  • John- Asian January failed miserably
  • Ash- incredibly hard, but going strong
  • Ash = drunken sloth… but knows how to have fun!
  • Our thoughts on Dominique Crenn pulling out of Vegas food hall plans
  • 13 foods either everyone loves or hates
  • Why food allergies are for weenies
  • What the f*ck is up with cupcakes? They’re nothing burgers.
  • Bacon is a kitchen bully

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John’s New Orleans Itinerary:

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