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About the What’s Right Show:

The What’s Right Show is your political home for common-sense conservativism and the #1 live and local program airing in Las Vegas.

As a full-time practicing attorney and co-founder of Sam & Ash Injury Law, Sam Mirejovsky is no stranger to sifting through information and uncovering the truth. He brings his common-sense conservative analysis to the most pressing local, national, and global issues to help you be a better-informed American.

Sam is unafraid (maybe too unafraid) to tackle challenging issues, hard conversations, and topics mainstream media won’t cover. He’s here to give you a new perspective on today’s politics through original analysis you won’t find anywhere else.

If you’re ready for a fresh, independent take on politics, pop culture, and the real truth behind the headlines, tune in to Nevada’s leading conservative voice — live every weekday from 1-3 PM on KXNT AM 840 — or grab the show at your convenience wherever you get your podcasts.

About Sam Mirejovsky:

Sam Mirejovsky is a self-made entrepreneur. He was born in California to parents who fled communist Czechoslovakia to live the American dream. They even named him after Uncle Sam (no joke). Sam is endlessly grateful for the opportunity to live in a place with individual rights, freedom, and endless opportunity — and he’s all-in on defending it.

Following in his parent’s footsteps, Sam fled the People’s Republic of California to enjoy the freedom of Nevada. As a recovering Californian and veteran host of AM Talk Radio in Los Angeles, Sam couldn’t pass up the opportunity to join the KXNT family here in Las Vegas.

Aside from hosting the What’s Right Show, Sam manages a Las Vegas-based personal injury law practice. As a result, he’s not only able to bring a unique political perspective on-air every day but can look at issues through a legal lens and give you an analysis based on the facts. Sam also answers legal questions on-air and helps listeners solve their legal matters — you can read about some of them here.

If you’re looking for entertainment and you’re tired of being told what to think by the left-wing (even right-wing) media, join Sam on the What’s Right Show, where you’ll get the news that matters most. There’s never a dull moment as he unapologetically says what most common-sense Americans are already thinking.

Guest Highlight
Vivek Ramaswamy

U.S. Presidential Candidate

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Guest Highlight
Alan Stock

KXNT 840 Las Vegas @ 8 Host

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Guest Highlight
Matt Brooks

CEO of the Republican Jewish Coalition

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