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About The What’s Right Show

The What’s Right Show is one of the few live and local programs airing in Las Vegas. Listen as Sam Mirejovsky gives you the most important news in pop culture and politics with original analysis that helps you make sense of a crazy world (that only seems to be getting crazier).

Sam is a practicing attorney, the former host of KABC’s Sam Nation in Los Angeles, and has an uncanny ability to replace nonsense with common sense. There’s never a dull moment on What’s Right as Sam makes sure you’re always awake, but never woke.

About Sam Mirejovsky:

Sam Mirejovsky is an easy-going guy with a difficult last name. He can thank his parents for that, who fled communist Czechoslovakia to enjoy the freedom of America. Turns out the apple doesn’t fall far from the tree — following in his parents’ footsteps, Sam fled California to enjoy the freedom of Nevada. As a veteran host of AM Talk Radio in Los Angeles, Sam couldn’t pass up the opportunity to join the KXNT family here in Las Vegas. He’s charismatic, passionate about Las Vegas, and loves to talk. No, seriously… the man loves to talk (just ask Ash). He never misses a chance to say it like it is and is ready to add his refreshing perspective to KXNT every day.

Aside from hosting What’s Right, Sam manages a Las Vegas-based personal injury law practice with his co-host, Ash Watkins. As a self-proclaimed billboard critic, he’ll be the first to tell you that there’s nothing quite like Vegas personal injury lawyer advertising. The quantity (and quality) is truly breathtaking.
Like any successful entrepreneur, Sam took matters into his own hands and brought his critiques of billboards, politics, and pop culture to Twitter, where he unapologetically says what we’re all thinking. Do yourself a favor and follow him at @whatsrightsam.

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