Alan Stock Joins Us To Talk Local Vegas Issues Like Homelessness

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Episode Description

On This Episode of the What’s Right Show:

  • GOP elects Speaker of the House!
  • What kind of Speaker will Rep Mike Johnson be?
  • Kevin McCarthy exposed as the real chaos agent
  • SF driverless car company loses license to operate
  • Alan Stock Joins the show to talk about local Las Vegas issues
  • Courts will determine how cities can respond to homelessness
  • Teens who killed Andreas Probst in hit-and-run acting out in court

About Alan Stock:
Alan Stock is a radio host with over 25 years in the business, talking common sense pop culture, and politics. He’s part of the morning drive on KXNT 840 Las Vegas @ 8. Talkers Magazine, the bible of the talk radio industry, named Alan Stock one of the 100 most influential talk radio hosts in America for sixteen straight years.

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