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A head-on collision is one of the most dangerous types of car accidents. While less common than other types of Newport Beach car accidents, head-on crashes are more likely to result in catastrophic injuries such as traumatic brain injuries, spinal cord injuries, or fatal injuries.

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If you have suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one in a head-on car crash, the driver who caused the accident may owe you financial compensation for your losses. While obtaining medical care and grieving your losses are immediate concerns, it is also appropriate to consider the potential loss of earning capacity, the mounting medical expenses, and other damages you and your family have suffered in a motor vehicle accident caused by someone else’s negligence.

A compassionate and trusted Newport Beach car accident lawyer at Sam & Ash Injury Law can provide legal guidance and the personal attention you need after a head-on collision. We are down-to-earth personal injury attorneys who listen. We care about making a positive difference in the lives of people who turn to us for help. We can investigate the Newport Beach car accident and pursue a claim against the appropriate insurance companies without any upfront costs to you. We have built our reputation by fighting for What’s Right for our clients.

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Common Causes of Head-on Car Crashes

Most head-on car accidents occur when a vehicle crosses a centerline and crashes into an oncoming vehicle. Head-on car crashes also occur when a driver gets confused and unknowingly travels the wrong way in a lane of traffic.

Drivers cause head-on car crashes by:

  • Running off the side of the road and over-correcting to cross into oncoming traffic
  • Passing without proper clearance on a two-lane road
  • Passing improperly on hills or curves
  • Traveling the wrong direction on a one-way street or the wrong side of a freeway
  • Lane departures, such as a driver drifting out of their lane

According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety, drivers who crash as a result of drifting out of their lanes are often:

Businesswoman multitasking while driving, drinking coffee and talking on the phoneIn each of the car crash scenarios above, the at-fault driver does not brake or applies brakes too late to be effective, allowing the speed of their vehicle to compound the resulting collision’s force of the impact.

Despite the hazards of turning left across intersections, relatively few head-on crashes occur when turning at intersections. Roughly 91 percent of the vehicles involved in fatal head-on crashes on two-lane, divided roadways are either “going straight” (68 percent of all head-on fatalities) or “negotiating a curve” (23 percent of the total), a federal study by the Transportation Research Board says.

Common Injuries in Head-on Collisions

If you sustained severe injuries or your loved one died in a car accident, you may not know exactly what happened to cause the car accident. You may have been injured so badly in the car crash that you cannot remember the specifics of the accident.

What makes a head-on crash such a traumatic car accident is that, when the vehicles strike each other, the full weight of both vehicles multiplied by their speeds is concentrated into the force of impact of the crash. These crashes can be devastating, particularly if there is a significant difference in the size of the vehicles, such as in a car crash involving a compact car and a pick-up truck or SUV.

A driver or passenger in a car who survives a head-on car crash is likely to suffer catastrophic car accident injuries. This may include:

  • Head or traumatic brain injuries (TBI)
  • Neck injuries or spinal cord injuries, potentially including paralysis
  • Internal organ injury
  • Broken bones, including broken ribs, crushed sternum, facial fractures, and fractures to the arms, hips, and legs
  • Lacerations and contusions
  • Burns

In a head-on car accident, the driver is slammed against the seat belt webbing and buckle, airbags, steering wheel, instrument panel, and the windshield. He or she is most likely to suffer severe car crash injuries to the head, neck, or chest. The abdomen is also frequently injured in head-on car crashes.

Other causes of injury in the crush of a head-on collision may include flying glass and being struck by flying personal property within the car. Contact with fire, hot metal, or steam, or hot liquids released by vehicle damage may cause burn injuries.

Damages and Compensation for Head-on Collisions

Under California law, if you sustained injuries because of someone else’s negligence or recklessness you have the right to demand full and fair compensation from the party at fault for your losses. In a fatal motor vehicle accident involving wrongful death, certain immediate family members close to the person who was killed may seek compensation. The experienced Newport Beach car accident lawyers at Sam & Ash Injury Law can work with you to pursue all the compensation available to you after a motor vehicle accident caused by someone else’s negligence.

In general, we help victims of head-on collisions seek damages for:

  • Current medical costs from injuries suffered in the collision
  • Costs anticipated for future medical treatment or ongoing medical needs due to disabling injuries suffered in the crash
  • Lost wages, including projected income losses due to diminished earning capacity
  • The cost to repair or replace your car
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish

In a wrongful death claim, we could seek damages for:

  • Medical care the deceased received
  • Loss of income that would have gone to the deceased’s household or family
  • Loss of support and companionship
  • Final expenses of the deceased’s estate

The amount of compensation you or your family may recover in a personal injury claim following a car accident will depend on the extent of the injuries suffered and the impact they have had on your life.

As your Newport Beach car accident attorneys, we will determine the full economic and non-economic costs of the losses you have suffered and present your demands for compensation to insurers obligated to the party at fault for the collision and what has happened to you.A man driving a red car towards a bend in the road.

If the insurance company refuses to agree to an appropriate settlement that reflects the severity of your injuries, our car accident attorneys at Sam & Ash Injury Law will file a formal personal injury lawsuit on your behalf.

We are experienced Newport Beach accident attorneys and will be prepared to present a persuasive case to an Orange County jury seeking the full compensation you deserve.

How Our Head-on Collision Lawyers Can Help

If you have been seriously injured in a car crash or have lost a loved one, you need to look after yourself instead of fighting with insurers and creditors. You don’t need to add stress at this difficult time.

You can rely on a car accident attorney at Sam & Ash Injury Law to deal with insurers for you so that you may focus on your medical care and recovery and get what’s fair from the insurance company.

Our Newport Beach law firm is here to:

  • Meet with you to understand what you are going through and what we can do by reaching out to our contacts in Orange County to see that your needs are met
  • Gather paperwork, complete legal forms, and follow up on communications with the insurance company to file your car accident claim
  • Compile evidence to show how the head-on accident happened and who is legally responsible
  • Collect medical records and consult with medical providers to understand the full extent of the injuries you have suffered in the car accident
  • Calculate the full cost of your current medical expenses and future medical bills related to your severe injuries and permanent injuries
  • Submit your evidence-based demands for financial compensation to the responsible insurance company
  • Negotiate aggressively with the insurance provider to obtain maximum compensation for you
  • File a personal injury lawsuit if the insurance company representing the at-fault driver will not agree to a reasonable settlement

If you have been injured or lost a loved one in a head-on collision in Newport Beach, CA, contact Sam & Ash for a free consultation to discuss your car accident case. All work our car accident attorneys do for you will be on a contingency fee basis. This means you won’t have any out-of-pocket expenses as our Newport Beach car accident attorneys investigate your case and pursue your claim. We don’t get paid until we win for you.

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