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When motorists drive at unsafe speeds, they put themselves and everyone else on the roads of Newport Beach at risk. When a driver’s reckless decision to exceed the speed limit results in an accident and serious injuries, the driver should be held financially responsible for the harm he or she has caused. If you’ve been injured by a speeding driver in Newport Beach, the personal injury attorneys at Sam & Ash Injury Law can help you demand accountability and full compensation.

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Our personal injury law firm was founded on the principle that you deserve What’s Right. That means having an experienced attorney who knows you on a first-name basis and who cares about you as a person. It means pursuing full and fair compensation for all the losses you have suffered so you can rebuild your life.

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Why Is Speeding So Deadly?

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, 9,478 people were killed in motor vehicle accidents caused by speeding in a recent year. Speeding was a contributing factor in about a quarter of all accidents, and a third of all fatal motor vehicle crashes.

Speeding can be deadly for everyone sharing the road. Speeding makes it harder for a driver to control their vehicle, especially if the vehicle hits standing water, a slick spot, or a pothole on the road. Speeding leaves a driver with less time to slow down or react to avoid a collision. These factors increase the chance that a speeding driver will be involved in a crash.

The faster a vehicle is traveling, the greater the force of impact in a collision. That leads to more severe injuries for those involved. The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety recently conducted a study that found modest increases in speed led to considerable increases in the risk of severe injuries or fatal injuries in collisions. An automobile’s ability to protect its occupants decreases as the crash speed increases.

The research showed that a collision involving a car traveling at 40 mph resulted in minimal intrusion into the passenger compartment. However, a crash at 50 mph caused noticeable damage to the driver’s side door, dashboard, and foot space. When the crash test was run with the speed increased to 56 mph, the test dummy’s sensors registered severe injuries to the neck and legs. At 50 and 56 mph, the collision caused the vehicle’s airbag to deploy, risking head and facial fractures.

The Hidden Costs of Speeding

Speeding accidents can result in substantial costs to society and to everyone involved. A 2019 study by the IIHS found that rising speed limits in many states have cost nearly 37,000 lives in the last 25 years.

Drivers who are caught speeding suffer financial penalties in the form of fines imposed by traffic tickets. In some cases, a driver may face criminal charges if they were intoxicated or driving at excessive speed and caused an accident resulting in injuries or death.

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Speeding-related accidents also increase insurance premiums. When insurance companies are forced to pay out claims to the victims of speeding-related accidents, they will respond by raising the costs of premiums to offset the expenditures.

A speeding accident can cause vehicle damage amounting to tens of thousands of dollars. The victims of the accident may suffer serious injuries, involving hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills, lost income, and other expenses. When a speeding accident results in the death of innocent victims, a family may lose a person who was helping support the household, creating financial hardship.

The attorneys at Sam & Ash are committed to helping people who have been harmed by drivers who caused speeding accidents in Newport Beach.

Injuries Caused by Speeding Accidents

The force involved in a speeding accident can lead to serious injuries such as:

  • Lacerations and contusions
  • Abrasions
  • Avulsions (a serious type of injury in which the skin is torn away from underlying muscle and bone)
  • Broken bones
  • Ligament sprains and tears
  • Muscle/tendon strains and tears
  • Nerve damage
  • Whiplash
  • Herniated disc injuries
  • Spinal cord injuries and paralysis
  • Internal organ injuries and internal bleeding
  • Head and facial injuries
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Burns from vehicle fires
  • Traumatic amputations

Unfortunately, because of the higher crash impact speed, many of the injuries suffered by victims of speeding accidents prove to be fatal injuries.

Recovering Compensation for Injuries After a Fatal Speeding Car Accident

If you have been injured in a speeding car accident, you may be entitled to demand compensation for expenses and losses that you have suffered, such as:

  • Medical expenses – You may claim compensation for expenses related to emergency room care, surgeries, doctor’s appointments, physical therapy, prescription medications, and medical devices and equipment.
  • Long-term care expenses – Long-term care following severe injuries can require a variety of services to maintain a relatively normal and independent life.
  • Lost income – You may demand compensation for the paychecks you missed because of your injuries, as well as the anticipated income losses in the future.
  • Physical pain – Physical pain can range in severity and can impact daily function.
  • Emotional trauma – In addition to physical trauma, the emotional effects of an accident can impact a person’s ability to work and function in daily tasks.
  • Loss of quality of life – Injuries can affect your quality of life because of disabilities or permanent disfigurement/scarring.

If you have lost a loved one in a speeding accident that another driver caused, your family may be entitled to pursue a wrongful death claim. Through a wrongful death lawsuit, the immediate family of the deceased may seek compensation for:

  • Loss of your loved one’s financial contributions to your family or household
  • Final medical expenses
  • Funeral and burial expenses
  • The value of household services your loved one performed
  • Loss of love, intimacy, companionship, care, assistance, society, guidance, and emotional/moral support

We recognize that no amount of money can replace a loved one. But you should not be saddled with debt because a negligent driver caused a speeding accident that took the life of your loved one. A wrongful death claim can provide a measure of justice and closure.

How Can a Lawyer Help You?

A Newport Beach injury lawyer can help you pursue a legal claim for financial recovery if you have been injured or lost a loved one in a speeding accident caused by another driver, by helping your case with the following:

  • Collecting evidence – A lawyer can investigate the accident to gather evidence, proving your right to recover compensation for injuries and losses. Evidence can include police reports, surveillance/traffic camera footage, accident scene photos, and witness statements.
  • Hiring experts – A lawyer can hire accident reconstruction experts as well as medical, financial, and vocational experts to provide testimony in support of your case.
  • Identifying liable parties – A lawyer can identify at-fault parties and applicable insurance coverage in relation to your claim.
  • Calculating expenses – A lawyer can help document your injuries and calculate your past, ongoing, and future anticipated losses and expenses.
  • Discussing your options – A lawyer can explain your rights and options in the case. They can also discuss what to expect throughout the process and keep you updated at every stage in the process.
  • Insurance agent working on report form with car accident claim process.Filing insurance claims – A lawyer can file an insurance claim on your behalf and handle communications and negotiations with the insurance adjusters. A lawyer will work to reach a settlement that provides you with fair financial recovery.
  • Representing your case at trial – If necessary, a lawyer can file a lawsuit and represent your case at trial if going to court becomes the best path towards seeking the compensation you need.

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