60 Drivers Pulled Over Near Garside Middle School in Speed Enforcement Event

The Nevada Office of Traffic Safety and Clark County School District Police Department stopped 60 drivers on Wednesday in the area of Garside Middle School. The department’s Facebook page highlighted two drivers with speeds of 44 and 42 mph in posted 25 mph zones. Both drivers failed to produce driver’s licenses, registration, or insurance, while one driver had a child in the backseat without a child seat or seatbelt. Police reminded the public that if they are caught without important documents, their car will be impounded.

Ask Sam Mirejovsky:

Everyone hates being pulled over. We can all agree that safely driving a few miles over the speed limit might not deserve a ticket. But I think we also agree excessive speeding, speeding near schools, and reckless driving are big problems in Las Vegas. Law enforcement is right to address these issues.

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