CCSD says it has photo suggesting possible connection with teacher’s union and ‘sickouts’

LAS VEGAS, Nev. (FOX5) – No one is calling it a “smoking gun” to implicate the Clark County Education Association’s connection to teacher sickouts.

CCEA has insisted it’s had no connection to the string of recent sickouts at valley schools. But the Clark County School District included a photo in court documents seeking a restraining order to stop the sickouts from continuing.

“Defendants specifically presented and instructed CCEA membership on a potential action that could be taken nearly identical to the rolling sickouts that have recently swept through Clark County,” read CCSD’s motion.

The CCEA and some of its leadership team are named as defendants in CCSD’s motion.

The photo shows at least one person wearing a CCEA shirt, and a projection screen. The screen reads “Rolling School Outs.” It also says Selective Engagement, One Trustee District at a time and Selective Sick Outs.

“Admittedly, the District is currently unable to independently authenticate this image. However, should Defendants contest the authenticity of the image, the District invites them to declare under oath that the PowerPoint slide in question was not included in a presentation CCEA leadership gave to its members as the image appears to show, and the District intends to pursue discovery related to the same,” read the CCSD motion.

FOX5 reached out to CCEA a couple of times on Tuesday for comment on the motion. We also specifically asked about the photo, but we didn’t hear back.

CCEA replied to FOX5 last week when asked about school being canceled at Gibson Elementary. We asked if the cancellation was a CCEA work action, and if the union knew anything about teachers calling it.

“We have no knowledge of what you’re inquiring about. Nor is what you are describing associated in any way with CCEA actions now or in the future,” said CCEA officials.

A hearing on CCSD’s motion is expected on Wednesday.