Crash That Killed 9 Caused by Driver Who Wasn’t Held Accountable for Prior Reckless Driving

Gary Dean Robinson, the driver who caused a crash that resulted in 9 deaths including himself, had a history of speeding. However, these violations did not appear on his driving record. Instead, they were reduced to lesser parking citations and fines. Records obtained by 8 News Now Investigators showed that Robinson was actually traveling 19 mph over the limit before the officer cited him for a lesser charge.

A preliminary report the National Transportation Safety Board was released just last week from the Jan 2022 crash and showed Robinson had PCP, alcohol, and cocaine in his system when he ran a red light at the intersection of Commerce Street and Cheyenne Avenue crashing into a minivan. The crash caused the deaths of Robinson, his passenger, and five people in the minivan he struck.

The report also showed that Robinson had a history of bad driving and speeding, but his driving record showed only one documented speeding ticket.

(Photo credit: KLAS)

Ask Sam Mirejovsky:

Wrongful death cases are always a tragedy. But the fact this crash could have easily been prevented makes it stand out as a heartbreaking and outrageous loss of life.

It’s far too common that drivers with total disregard for the safety of others are allowed to continue sharing our roads. It means we have to be extra vigilant as drivers. But regardless of how careful and responsible we are as individuals, we can still be affected by the negligence of others.

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