Henderson Police Arrest Woman for Seventh DUI

Marion Reyes-Rivero, a 35-year-old Las Vegas resident, has been arrested 21 times and charged with seven DUIs since 2007. She recently entered a plea deal and will enter a three-year treatment program for her felony DUI charge. If she completes the program, her charge will be reduced to a second-offense DUI. However, if she receives another DUI, she will be sent to prison. Reyes-Rivero must serve six months of home confinement and have an ignition interlock device installed in her car. If she fails to complete the program, she will face two DUI charges.

In her most recent arrest, Henderson police reported Reyes-Rivero had stopped her car in the middle of two travel lanes on Warm Springs Road near Green Valley Parkway while intoxicated.

Ask Sam Mirejovsky:

It is not acceptable to put a person with seven DUIs back on the road.

I often comment that Sam & Ash Injury Law is in the “accountability business.” Driving on shared roads is something we’re required to take seriously. Our actions don’t just have consequences for us, they also have consequences for everyone else on the road. There is nothing worse than seeing injuries and fatalities that could have easily been prevented with an ounce of responsibility.

Drinking and driving is simply unacceptable. When someone has been hurt by a drunk driver, our Las Vegas DUI lawyers make sure everything we do everything in our power to hold that driver accountable and to get you and your family the maximum possible compensation.

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Author: Ash Watkins

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