Motorcyclist Crashes in Downtown Las Vegas After Leading Police on Meth-fueled Chase

A motorcycle rider who police suspect was high on meth led an officer on a chase near downtown Las Vegas before he hit a curb and flew off the bike. William Fogg faces charges of DUI, disobeying a peace officer while DUI, reckless driving and drug possession. The officer estimated the driver was traveling 80 mph in a 35-mph zone, police said. As the officer activated his lights and siren to stop Fogg, the motorcycle rider began traveling in the opposite direction of traffic, police said. While officers searched the bike, they found a bag containing crystal meth, and the substance later tested positive as the drug. In the hospital, Fogg told police “he had smoked meth”. Records show police arrested Fogg the week before, including on a drug charge, but the district attorney’s office declined to move forward.

Ask Sam Mirejovsky

This motorcycle rider was doing everything wrong: riding while high on meth, speeding, traveling against traffic, and evading police.

It’s a miracle there are no reports of injuries to other drivers or pedestrians. When people worry about being involved in an accident, their worry is usually focused on a car or truck. But motorcycle accidents do happen, and can lead to serious injuries for other drivers or pedestrians. When you’ve been hit by someone as reckless as this motorcyclist, you can hardly count on them having insurance — which can make it more difficult to get the medical care, compensation, and justice you deserve.

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