Unidentified Pedestrian Struck and Killed Near North Martin Luther King Blvd and Balzar Ave

A Metropolitan Police Department corrections officer driving in west Las Vegas fatally struck a pedestrian Tuesday night near North Martin Luther King Boulevard and Balzar Avenue. The pedestrian was not in a crosswalk and was taken to University Medical Center where he died. The crash is being investigated by Nevada State Police. This was the second fatal crash involving a pedestrian in Las Vegas on Tuesday.

Ask Sam Mirejovsky:

Pedestrians are the most vulnerable people on the road. Not only do they lack the protection of a motor vehicle, but a person is also less visible. This is especially true at night, when drivers aren’t paying strict attention to their surroundings.

When a crash is even slightly complicated, the blame often falls on the pedestrian. This is why it’s extremely important for a pedestrian or a family member of the pedestrian to call a lawyer as soon as possible. Even if you weren’t strictly following traffic laws, it doesn’t always mean you were 100% at-fault. For example, a pedestrian walking outside a crosswalk would only be partially to blame if the driver was speeding or otherwise reckless.

The state of Nevada recognizes that accidents can be complicated. As long as you were less than 50% to blame for the accident, you may be able to receive compensation. Here’s how we explain comparative negligence on our Free Personal Injury Calculator page.

[Nevada’s modified comparative negligence statute] states that accident victims can recover compensation for their injuries, but the amount can be reduced according to the victim’s share of the blame for an accident. If a victim is 20 percent responsible for causing an accident, their share of compensation can be reduced by 20 percent. It is important to note that this assignment of fault only binds court decisions. However, insurers will cite the rule to justify their offer, claiming that they are basing it on what they think a court would decide.

Accidents are never easy. And this is especially true of pedestrian accidents, which often result in catastrophic injuries and even loss of life. The attorneys at Sam & Ash Injury Law are dedicated to easing the burdens, complications, and losses resulting from an accident. Give us a call today at 702-820-1234 for a free case review with an experienced accident attorney.