Claim as a Passenger in a Las Vegas Car Accident with Sam & Ash Injury Law

You may wonder if special rules apply when you’re pursuing a claim as a passenger in a car accident. If the collision involved multiple drivers, you may also have questions about how to proceed with an insurance claim that involves more than two parties. Fortunately, opening an injury claim as a passenger is actually less complicated when you're a passenger than if you were the driver.

Passengers in car accidents trust their drivers and other motorists on the road to drive safely. Your injuries deserve to be fully compensated. Insurance companies should not be allowed to obstruct your recovery, but they will. That is why our team at Sam & Ash Injury Law, wants to help you find the resources you need for recovery. We will develop an effective strategy to get you on the road to recovery faster. Call us any time for a free consultation at 702-820-1234.