Client Testimonial | Edna

"Anytime I called, there was always somebody there to talk to me. They kept me in touch with every step. They were right there. The team that works with Sam and Ash is outstanding. What I would say, first of all, is thank you. Your team is the best. I would highly recommend you to anyone that has gone through or going through what I did." - Edna Krigsman

The insurance company will try to keep you in the dark about your rights and what you are entitled to after an accident. At Sam & Ash, you're never in the dark. We take the time to understand your case and the effect it's had on your life so that we can be sure you get the treatment and compensation you deserve.

We invest in each client because we care and genuinely want to help get you back on your feet. Give us a call or visit our website 24/7/365 — we're here to help: