Exotic Car Rentals with Sam & Ash Injury Law

The luxury, high-price performance rental car market is exploding. It's one of the fastest-growing attractions here in Las Vegas. Because they're a great time, you're renting a car associated with the rich and famous—from Ferrari to Lamborghini, Rolls Royce. You name it. It's available for you to take on a joy ride.

But it's important to know these cars don't drive like regular cars. They're fast, turn differently, behave differently, and most importantly, the people driving them, well, sometimes they're out for a little too much fun.

Watch as we sit down with Houston Crosta, owner of Royalty Exotics, to discuss his business in the luxury car rental market, the dangers that come with the territory, and the training and education he gives his customers to help prevent major catastrophes.

We hope you enjoyed our interview with Houston. And remember, if you've been in an accident involving an exotic rental car, whether you're the passenger, driver, or pedestrian, please don't hesitate to call/text us at 702-820-1234. We're here to help and answer questions 24/7.