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Filing a Rideshare Accident Claim in Nevada FAQs:
◆ Can I file a lawsuit directly against the rideshare company for my accident?
◆ I still have pain after my accident. Is it too late to hire a good lawyer?
◆ How much is my injury claim worth?

As ridesharing services – primarily Uber and Lyft – have grown in popularity in Las Vegas and across Nevada, accidents involving ridesharing drivers have increased as well. Passengers, other motorists, and pedestrians injured in ridesharing accidents often encounter insurers trying to deny liability and complex explanations of who might eventually pay for their injuries.

The rideshare accident lawyers of Sam & Ash Injury Law can help if you’ve been injured in a collision involving an Uber or Lyft driver or another rideshare service. We stay ahead of the complicated liability questions raised by ridesharing service accidents and the legislation enacted in Nevada to regulate the services.

We can help you file an Uber accident claim or Lyft accident claim and seek the compensation you are due after a ridesharing accident. A simple, quick, and pressure-free phone call will get you to a place where you feel informed. No gimmicks, no-nonsense, just help. Get answers now, in 8 minutes or less by calling 702-820-1234.