Party Fouls, Airbnb Accidents, & Injuries with Sam & Ash Injury Law

Do you know how to protect yourself if you've been injured at an Airbnb or while renting one?

Vegas is a hospitality town and a place that welcomes visitors. So Airbnb is a natural fit because it's a nice alternative to vacationing at a hotel. The problem? There's a dark side that not many people want to talk about. Airbnbs are not held to the same standards as hotels on The Strip. Negligent people create hazards and injure others who come and visit Las Vegas. It's not right.

We're seeing it more and more with our clients. They've sustained life-changing, horrific injuries at Airbnbs. People rent for short periods because they're looking to host a giant party. The problem is that the party's host doesn't care about the place, about making sure that it's safe, about protecting anything, because they are not invested in the property.

One of the hardest things to determine with these cases, whether it's a drug overdose or a trip and fall, is who's really at fault for these injuries? Is Airbnb at fault? Is it the actual homeowner? Is it the person who rented the place and invited you over? Was it a guest at the party?

Liability could fall on none of the above, all of the above, and everywhere in between. We help you tackle these issues in all their complexity so that you know how to best move forward.

It's critical you contact a lawyer if you get injured at an Airbnb because we must hold these people accountable. Get the justice — not just for you, but for future guests entering/renting the property. It could prevent a lot of other injuries.

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