Sam & Ash | Chapman University Unveils the Sam & Ash Student Lounge

The Fowler School of Law at Chapman University has renamed their student lounge after Sam & Ash. The renaming occurred in response to the personal injury law firm's large donation to the Fowler School of Law.

Samuel Mirejovsky and Ashley Watkins, the founders of Sam & Ash, are alumni of Chapman Law School and credit much of their success to what they were able to learn at Chapman.

Part of the philosophy at Sam & Ash is that those who are successful have a responsibility to give back and help provide a pathway for others to be successful too.


SAM: I would encourage all of our alumni to get involved. No amount of involvement is too little, in my opinion. Any little contribution of work, of money, of resources can help.

ASHLEY: Sam and I felt strongly about making sure we provided the gift that was most encompassing for student achievement as possible.

SAM: This student center, for example, is really important. It's a gathering place. It's a zone of relaxation.

ASHLEY: It's a collaborative environment. And hopefully the Student Lounge and Rec Room promotes engagement and collaboration throughout the study process.

SAM: This to me, on a fundamental level, is about giving back. And I just believe in this as a founding principle in my life — that if you've been fortunate and succeeded, it's important to contribute in a way that is meaningful so that others can do that too.

ASHLEY: Chapman provides some of the most well-rounded lawyers, and that's a critical component that I think is often overlooked by employers.

SAM: There are tremendous students that graduate every year from this school. They're the ones who are your future employees, they're your future colleagues, they're your future competitors. Get to know them.

ASHLEY: I was confident of joining another fellow Fowler School alum, because I had the opportunity to meet him while I was in Law School. I learned a lot from Sam, and I worked with him in a professional environment, so it was just a natural choice. Sam & Ash, the law firm, does have a great CEO. It's actually my dog, Rocky. That's the namesake of the Rec Room.

SAM: So, I tell people I came to Chapman University as a college drop-out, and I left an attorney able to practice law. I think it's really important to support your school. I have a tremendous sense of loyalty to Chapman. And I've been fortunate that as a consequence of coming here, I've done well professionally. This is a very special place.

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