Self-Driving Cars with Sam & Ash Injury Law

Let's talk about the hottest thing in the automotive world today: electric cars and self-driving or autonomous cars.

There's been a tidal wave of production of self-driving vehicles around the globe. And as car lovers, we thought this would be a good time to point out a few things about the car that started this big revolution, the Tesla Model S. As personal injury attorneys, we also thought it would be a great time to check out some of the upsides and the downsides this fantastic car brings.

Tesla is the only self-driving vehicle that allows you to activate that feature on a surface street. Usually, it's limited to highways or freeways. Occasionally, these cars are so sensitive to sensory input that they stop suddenly in a way that is unpredictable to vehicles behind you.

Many people are getting rear-ended in Teslas. You must be cautious of these cars because sometimes they're in self-driving mode. A computer program is doing the acceleration and steering, and sometimes, for whatever reason, it will give control back to the driver without warning. As driverless cars become more common, these accidents may increase unless regulators and vehicle manufacturers take proper precautions.

There's no doubt that this is the tech of the future. But until it's perfected, all of us are being used as test pilots for the system. If you get into an accident involving a Tesla, there's a lot more to it than just figuring out which of the two drivers in the accident is at fault.

Technology is an additional factor that can be partially or fully responsible. This road tech is evolving, and its contribution to crashes is significant in some of the accidents we're seeing. So be sure you've got a legal team that isn't stuck in the past. At Sam & Ash, we're not waiting for other law firms to carve out a path. We stay ahead of technology trends. It's one of the reasons Ash Watkins was named Trailblazer Attorney-Of-The-Year by Vegas Inc in 2021.

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